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Derry Girls

Set in the early 1990s, this sitcom features the personal exploits of a 16 year old girl, her family and friends during the Troubles.

Duration:30 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Derry Girls
"As the term begins, there is a new student in the girls' school in Derry. He is a boy, who can't go to the local boys' school for fear there might be trouble because he is English."
"The girls and James are thrilled when Sister Michael announces the school trip is to Paris though disappointed to learn that it will cost \u00c2\u00a3379 each. When fellow pupil Jenny Joyce explains that her parents have a trust fund for her Erin tries to persuade Ma Mary and Da Gerry to do the same for her but they are more interested in hearing about Uncle Colm's dangerous encounter with two masked men so the kids decide to devise their own money-making schemes, which all end in disaster."
"The girls and James stay up all night to revise for an important exam but Erin's concern for her dead dog Toto and Granda's feud with Maureen Malarkey pale beside fear of failure. An alleged sighting of a weeping icon leads to a meeting with the handsome Father Peter and local fame for the quartet as being witnesses to a miracle. Unfortunately an admission from Erin's mother shows her that miracles do not happen."
"Erin's family hosts Katya, one of a group of youngsters affected by the Chernobyl disaster, sent to Derry for fresh air. Katya is extremely scornful of Erin and her circle, except for James, whom she finds very sexy. When a party is thrown for the visitors Erin agrees to attend - as the gorgeous David Donnelly is the DJ - but she makes a fool of herself with a false accusation against Katya whilst one of the boys in the party is not what he seems. Back home Ma Mary and Aunt Sarah do not hold back in disapproving of Granda Joe's new lady love."
"With the Orange March looming Erin's family, along with Clare, Michelle and James, decide to escape Derry for the Republic but Aunt Sarah's tarot reading foretells disaster. After Granda has driven them into the parade Gerry manages to save the day but there is a further shock when they find they have a stowaway who could endanger them all. Aunt Sarah's prediction thus comes true - after a fashion."
"Gerry loses the docket to claim Mary's birthday photos, to the delight of scornful Granda but is rescued when the photo shop assistant admits a crush on Aunt Sarah. Erin is overjoyed to step in a editor of the school magazine, despite general opposition. However the discovery of an anonymous piece by a suicidal lesbian provides her with a best-selling scoop. It also leads to a shock admission which almost divides the group of friends until they join together to help Orla at the school's talent show."
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