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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Season 4 Episode 25

Celestia orders Discord to hunt down a villain who escaped from Tartarus, giving Twilight a chance to open the chest from the Tree of Harmony.

Episode: 25/15 eps

Duration: 22 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2010

IMDb: 7.7

Season 4 - My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
"In this new episode, Twilight is busy adjusting to her new wings and her new role as a princess! Just then before the Summer Sun Celebration, Princess Celestia and Luna go missing. The Everfree Forest starts to take over Equestria without them. It's up to the six friends to discover who is causing all this chaos and along the way, discover the hidden secrets of the Elements Of Harmony."
"When most of the Mane Six visit the abandoned Castle of the Princesses for separate reasons, they find it seemingly haunted."
"Rainbow Dash and friends offer to help their favorite author finish her latest book."
"When Spike and the Mane 6 are literally sucked into a magic superhero comic book, they have to play out its main characters' story to be released."
"Rainbow Dash is heading to the Equestria Games trials with the Ponyville Relay Team. How will she react when offered the chance to join the competitive Cloudsdale team instead?"
"After the Ponytones' bass singer loses his voice, Fluttershy is determined to have the show go on."
"The Cutie Mark Crusaders abuse their mentorship with Twilight to gain more popularity."
"Fluttershy agrees to take care of magical creatures, but they prove to be more of a burden than she realized."
"When Pinkie introduces her visiting sister, the others find they can't relate to that sibling's completely different personality."
"Princess Luna visits Sweetie Bellle in her dreams after she purposely ruins one of Rarity's dresses."
"Applejack has doubts about a new cure tonic made by the Flim Flam Brothers, until Granny Smith uses it and she is healed."
"The girls test how valuable their friendship is after a trip to the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange goes awry."
"Spike finds a spell to help Rarity recover from a creative block, which has good and bad effects."
"Celestia orders Discord to hunt down a villain who escaped from Tartarus, giving Twilight a chance to open the chest from the Tree of Harmony."
"The Princesses transmit their remaining power into Twilight as a last ditch effort to save Equestria."
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