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The Big C

A suburban mother faces her cancer diagnosis while trying to find humor and happiness as well.

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Season 1 - The Big C
"Cathy doesn't want to be the one who is always responsible and in control, especially now that she has been diagnosed with a terminal case of melanoma. That's why she kicked Paul out of the house as she literally wants to be the one in their twosome who is seen as the person who freely spills wine on the sofa without caring, instead of that person always being Paul. That's why she's decided that she wants a pool built in their postage stamp sized yard, so that she can teach Adam how to do the banana split dive like she did when she was his age. That's why she feels ..."
"Cathy learns from Dr. Mauer that she probably has at least a year to live if not longer, which gives her some perspective of how much time she has left to do the things she wants. Chief among these is spending time with Adam. So instead of allowing him to go away to soccer camp for six weeks over the summer, she decides unilaterally for him to stay home over the summer so that they can spend time together. Cathy's actions seem crazy to Adam and Paul, both who still don't know about her medical diagnosis. Regardless, Cathy goes to extreme lengths to get what she wants...."
"Cathy still isn't feeling like she can let Paul back in the house or in her life. Adam is still angry with her and avoids her at all cost. And Sean still believes that Cathy is too uptight with who to hang out. So at this crucial time in her life, Cathy is feeling all alone, that is except for Thomas, Marlene's beagle, who always seems to be following her around. Her attempts at bringing Sean - and his girlfriend Daphne - and Adam and Andrea as meaningful parts of her life don't end up quite the way she envisions. As such, Cathy decides to attend a cancer support ..."
"Since she knows she won't reach retirement age, Cathy decides to withdraw all the funds from her retirement plan and do whatever she wants to with the money without a care. Among other things, she indulges on material goods such as an expensive bottle of champagne, which she shares with her new confidante, Marlene. But her biggest purchase is a red convertible sports car, which she can't drive since she doesn't know how to drive a stick shift. Regardless, she decides to spend the day with her new toy and Dr. Todd house hunting while pretending to be his older ..."
"Adam is not talking to his mother again since she caught him watching porn, which was bad enough, but what made it worse was that she continued to watch it with him and analyzed why it wasn't realistic from a female's point of view. Cathy realizes what she did with Adam was wrong, but she still wants to make sure that at age fourteen he is not yet having sex, and that when he does that he can both talk to her about anything in that vein and that he treat the girl properly. As she deals with this issue, she is beginning to see physical beauty around her, which includes..."
"During the course of their continuing sexual relationship where they do it anywhere they can on unofficial breaks during the school day, Lenny notices a lump on Cathy's lower back side. Dr. Todd's diagnosis is that the cancer is showing itself, but that it does not necessarily mean that the cancer is getting worse. As it is purely a cosmetic issue, Cathy can choose to leave the lump or have it removed. She chooses the latter, and asks the only person who knows, Marlene, to pick her up after the surgery. The lump makes Marlene try to convince Cathy to tell her family ..."
"After Marlene tells Cathy about the distant relationship she has with her own two daughters who Cathy didn't even know existed, Cathy decides she and Sean need to go visit their own father, who she feels they don't see often enough. Sean reluctantly goes as he openly dislikes their father, who didn't give him the time of day while he was growing up. Cathy, on the other hand, loves their father, as she was seen as the good one during her and Sean's childhood. This road trip ends up being one of discovery for both Cathy and Sean, those discoveries which affect the way ..."
"It's Cathy's 43rd birthday. Coming to the realization that this birthday may be her last, she, on an impulse, takes Lenny up on his offer to accompany him to the Bahamas for the weekend. That plan is placed in jeopardy when Paul throws Cathy a surprise birthday party at the house. For her gift, Paul gives her Rebecca, her best friend from college who she hasn't seen in fifteen years after Rebecca, who was supposed to be Cathy's maid of honor, skipped the wedding in favor of hanging out with a man she just met. Time has not changed Rebecca's perspective on life. ..."
"Paul receives a promotion at work, and attends a congratulatory dinner without Cathy. Adam attends a house party, where teen-aged peer pressure places him between a rock and a hard place, which he makes all the worse by his actions following a comment by Andrea. And upon hearing whether she's been accepted into an experimental therapy clinical trial, Cathy embarks upon another of her life firsts, this one she shares with Lenny. These three events converge in a couple of revelations, a car accident, and a decision by Paul as to his future with Cathy. Meanwhile, Sean ..."
"Cathy's relationships with three people are on the outs. Following his decision to divorce Cathy, Paul turns to rugby tramp Tina for solace. Cathy has decided not to rekindle her friendship with Rebecca, due to Cathy believing that she has always put her sexual quest for men a priority over their friendship. It doesn't help that Sean is the latest in that long line of men. And Andrea drops out of Cathy's class, which Cathy learns is due in large part to knowing about her affair with Lenny, and Andrea's own attraction to him. Of those three relationships, Andrea's is ..."
"Now that Paul knows about Cathy's melanoma, he wants to help her in any way he can, including investigating alternate treatments. He is also still trying to get over the fact that he lost three months in trying to help her, three months in her probably shortened life. Cathy tries to explain to him why she didn't didn't tell him sooner. Paul, in dealing with the spouse of someone who died of cancer, begins to move closer to Cathy's way of thinking. Meanwhile, Rebecca tells Sean that she is moving to Minneapolis, but doesn't quite get the reaction she wanted. In a girls..."
"In an effort to be supportive of Cathy's decision and to find out more about it, Dr. Todd accompanies Cathy to Canada for her bee sting therapy. As open as he tries to be, Dr. Todd just can't get around how quackish the whole therapy seems. After the treatment, Cathy too believes that the \"Bee Man\" is a lunatic, but is glad she made the decision to take a chance. As their trip progresses, many revelations about Dr. Todd's professional and personal life become known to Cathy, which explains why he seems so protective about Cathy and why he wanted to come on this trip. ..."
"Following Marlene's death, Cathy learns Marlene left her house. At first she's willing to let her daughters have it till she learns what their plans are. Dr. Miller wants her to try a different treatment which is risky. And she learns that Sean and Rebecca are expecting a baby."
Season 2 - The Big C
"Cathy's course of aggressive chemotherapy isn't working, but is having negative side effects. As she doesn't agree with Todd's assessment that they deal with the side effects and wait, Cathy decides to get a second opinion with a Dr. Atticus Sherman, who she has heard has previously cured a stage 4 patient. Todd encourages her to get that second opinion, but doesn't want her to do so only if because of his less than professional feelings for her. This matter may further complicate their relationship. Being able to get that appointment with Dr. Sherman may be an ..."
"Cathy finds that her experience with the great Dr. Atticus Sherman isn't anything like she thought it would be. In addition to not appreciating his bedside manner, not believing that he pays any attention to her file, or not believing that he sees her anything more than another nameless face in his office, Cathy learns he is conducting a clinical trial, about which she learns from another of his stage 4 patients, an extremely positive woman named Nadine, in which he has no space for her. Meanwhile, Cathy and Sean's relationship is still strained over the fact that she..."
"Because of the way she's been feeling, Cathy and Paul haven't had sex in two months. Although Paul says he's OK with that, something he does says otherwise. Adam and Mia are becoming closer, although she is not ready to have sex with him yet. Like father like son, even though Adam says he's OK with that, something he does says otherwise. Rebecca and Sean are moving into a new but somewhat uncomfortable stage of their relationship. Rebecca, feeling unattractive as her pregnancy progresses, wants to feel like her old, attractive self, if only to please Sean. Sean, on ..."
"It's Halloween, the day that Cathy is supposed to begin the clinical trial, about which she is nervously excited and she wants nothing to delay the process. Paul wants to be with her, both literally and figuratively, the former despite the fact he has a major project to complete at work. This pull in two directions leads to Cathy telling Paul to go to work, which leaves Cathy to deal with a young man with who she has a less than in her mind funny first encounter at the oncology center, despite he seeing their initial meeting as a hoot. At work, Paul finds that he has ..."
"Paul still not having a job places a strain on his and Cathy's financial situation with mounting medical bills. Paul has to make a decision to wait for the perfect job, to do freelance work without insurance, or take any job that has insurance. He is hoping that a meeting with his old friend Jimmy will lead to the first of those three. Cathy makes a unilateral decision for some one time immediate cash. In the process of getting that money, Cathy ends up spending the day with Lee, that day which takes an unexpected turn for her. Meanwhile, Adam makes another decision ..."
"Although he still hates his job, Paul settles into life at the electronics store. He bonds with a fellow employee, a young Ukrainian immigrant named Mykail, who in turn bonds with one of his customers. While Paul still struggles with his job situation, that struggle which includes reporting to a barely of age weaselly assistant manager, Cathy aims for an extra job at the school with more pay as the girl's swim coach. She is able to convince the principal to give her the job at least temporarily until the principal can find or wants to find a more permanent coach. ..."
"Cathy receives two minor pieces of bad news on her latest check up. The first is that none of the drugs' listed negative side effects have afflicted her, which to her means that the drugs aren't working. The second is that she has high blood pressure. Despite Cathy disregarding it upon Sean's suggestion, Cathy takes Lee's advice to visit an acupuncturist - his acupuncturist - to treat the high blood pressure. The acupuncturist has slightly better news: she immediately relaxed, which means a drop in blood pressure, when Lee entered the room. The acupuncturist ..."
"It's Thanksgiving, and Cathy and Paul are hosting their first ever Thanksgiving dinner with their new extended family, which includes not only Adam and Sean, but also Rebecca, Andrea, Mykail and if he accepts Lee, which he does. Cathy wants it to be a non-traditional meal in that besides the free-range, organic turkey Sean is in charge of getting, the rest of the meal will consist of whatever she feels like making, which includes a special dessert from Lee's childhood. The dinner has the potential to be marred in many ways, which includes Paul contemplating ..."
"Rebecca and Sean both have less than traditional ways to deal with Rebecca's miscarriage. Partly because Sean decides to go off his meds so that he can feel the true pain associated with it, Sean and Rebecca's methods of mourning end up being somewhat incompatible. Something that Rebecca and Sean do in combination about the miscarriage directly affects Cathy. In addition, it also makes Cathy realize that she has been so busy dealing with the life part of her illness that she totally forgot about the death part, namely making arrangements for what will happen to her ..."
"Following their Thanksgiving fallout, Cathy and Lee reconcile, with Cathy vowing to be honest with him about how things are progressing with her health. She sticks to that vow as her news is generally positive, while his continues to decline. But Lee tries to remain upbeat, focusing on living. As such, Cathy decides to help him with his bucket list in whatever way she can. Meanwhile, Adam decides to continue hanging out with Poppy, in part to understand the thing he noticed on her arm when they first met. Poppy's decision on the where to hang out catches Adam off ..."
"In her day life, Cathy runs into Dr. Sherman and his much younger second wife, Gia, who invites Cathy and Paul over for dinner. Not wanting to offend the person who is potentially saving her life, Cathy accepts. From dinner, Cathy learns a little bit about how to live in the face of death. It is difficult for Cathy to watch Lee give up on life as he decides to drop out of this trial, the latest failure of many in terms of trials. Based on what Cathy finds hidden in her kitchen, she tries to convince Lee to fight for his life. Cathy and Adam lead a campaign to find a ..."
"Cathy, Paul and Adam are getting ready to head to Italy for the Christmas holidays using Paul's cut from the electronics store thefts. They still haven't found Sean, but they feel they need to focus on themselves as a family. They are also leaving behind Andrea who is in engaged bliss to Mykail, with who she will spend the holidays. Owen tells Paul about the imbalance in store inventory, which leads to a revelation from Mykail which could affect his relationship with Andrea. Adam spends time with Poppy before he leaves. But he also finds out some information about ..."
"Cathy believes the two best Christmas presents she received this year are Sean returning home after missing for three weeks while he went to find himself following Rebecca's departure, and watching Lee die peacefully in front of her, which has now made her not afraid of death. Taking a play from Lee, Cathy decides to finish what Lee didn't and couldn't: run the Minneapolis New Year's Eve Marathon, despite she not having trained for it at all. Her new mantra is to use her body while she still can. But the race entries have closed already which means that she has to ..."
Season 3 - The Big C
"With Paul (Oliver Platt) recovering from his near-fatal heart attack, and Andrea (Gabourey Sidibe) returning from her African adventure, Cathy (Laura Linney) creates an alter ego as she gets some good news about her chemotherapy trial."
"Adam (Gabriel Basso) accuses his parents of being hypocrites after Paul (Oliver Platt) uses his blog to reveal that Cathy (Laura Linney) had an affair. And as Andrea (Gabourey Sidibe) tries to revive the school's Black Student Association, a new phone number provides Sean (John Benjamin Hickey) with a lucrative business opportunity."
"As Cathy (Laura Linney) treats a skeptical Paul (Oliver Platt) to a cancer survivor's personal growth seminar, a Valentine's Day concert causes Adam (Gabriel Basso) to rethink his relationship with his girlfriend."
"When Cathy's (Laura Linney) health problems become a roadblock to their chances for adoption, Paul's (Oliver Platt) inspiring blog posts could provide a solution. Meanwhile, Sean's (John Benjamin Hickey) ownership of a gay sex phone line is disputed, and Adam's (Gabriel Basso) new girlfriend challenges his faith in God."
"As Cathy (Lara Linney) looks to enlist a reluctant Adam (Gabriel Basso) in an effort to impress a couple who are interviewing prospective adoptive parents for their baby, Paul (Oliver Platt) fights back his nerves as he prepares for his first outing as a motivational speaker."
"As he and Cathy (Laura Linney) prepare to adopt, Paul (Oliver Platt) entertains a big shot producer's (guest star Allison Janney) offer to turn his blog into movie. But when Cathy decides she doesn't like where the film is going, she balks. Meanwhile, Sean's (John Benjamin Hickey) face-to-face date with a phone sex client produces a surprising result."
"As Paul (Oliver Platt) discovers that life on the road with Joy (Susan Sarandon) will require much more from him than he thought, and Cathy (Laura Linney) uses the nursery renovation to help the Coopers, Adam (Gabriel Basso) makes a surprise donation to a church charity bazaar."
"As Cathy (Laura Linney) puts an end to the Coopers' adoption scam, she and Paul (Oliver Platt) stumble upon each other's secrets. Meanwhile, Sean's (John Benjamin Hickey) menage a trois founders."
"Stepping in for the late Joy Kleinman, Paul (Oliver Platt) takes the family to Puerto Rico for his own self help seminar. And as Cathy (Laura Linney) gets some bad news about her cancer treatments, she vows to use the vacation to face her fears of the water and her own mortality."
"After getting lost during a scuba diving lesson, Cathy (Laura Linney) lands in the boat of a local fisherman. And unaware of the frantic search for his missing wife, Paul (Oliver Platt) creates an alter ego when he is approached by a woman at the hotel bar."
Season 4 - The Big C
"Cathy plans a birthday party."
"Cathy upsets Paul when she tries to help him move on."
"Cathy inadvertently inspires Andrea to get her sparkle back."
"Series finale. Adam fulfills one of Cathy's wishes."
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