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Wives With Knives

The series tells the story of various women who committed crimes on their partners. Within each episode, the women tell the gruesome tale of the crime they committed and what led each couple to their demise. Interviews with the victims themselves...

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Season 1 - Wives With Knives
"It's love at first sight for a young New Jersey couple until jealousy and suspicion of infidelity lead to a string of bitter arguments after their wedding. The beautiful bride turns vicious when she stabs her husband and he nearly loses his life."
"A New York City mother of four meets the man of her dreams until he starts using drugs and repeatedly abusing her. Just when she thinks he's gotten rid of his demons, he brutally attacks her and in a fight for her life she stabs him to death."
"A woman with several failed marriages thinks the fourth time's the charm when she meets a suave, older man. He provides her with a lavish lifestyle but she soon accuses him of having an affair. When he asks for a divorce, she stabs him in the back."
"A beautiful but misguided young woman becomes a stripper and ends up publicly tarnishing her reputation. The incident leads to a string of bad relationships until one night, she stabs her lover during a fight that turns physical and winds up in jail."
"Lori McLuckie never felt like she fit in with society. When she moves, she hopes she will gain some self-confidence. She meets Andrew and thinks he's her soulmate, until he attacks her and her unborn child. She fights back by bludgeoning and stabbing him."
Season 2 - Wives With Knives
"Jameelah is studying her way out of urban Baltimore. She falls for James, a drug dealer. Incarceration can't separate them, and they get married. When reunited the relationship becomes volatile and erupts, Jameelah stabs James five times in a fit of rage."
"Sherrse Gaines falls for first love, Greg. But Greg cheats and she leaves him for Steve, who is unfaithful too. Sherrse takes him back but continues to play the field. Steve gets jealous and attacks her but Sherrse fights back."
"Annette Hernandez is plagued by mental demons and addiction. After stabbing Cameron, she finds out she's pregnant.They reunite but Annette can't keep her demons at bay and the couple split. She starts dating but after a fight, Tony ends up dead."
"Monica Fairview is a gorgeous sugar daddy addict who dates men like Rob to keep her living in luxury. But Rob's need for total control and Monica's penchant for drama spins the couple into a physical quarrel that ends with Monica stabbing Rob in the back."
"Carol Singh immigrates to New York from Suriname hoping to live the American dream, which includes getting married. But when her jealous boyfriend Dave becomes increasingly violent, a fight with in the kitchen leaves Dave dead and Carol behind bars."
Season 3 - Wives With Knives
"There is no plot... what's done was sad and she was punished"
"Diane falls for charismatic politician Joe Reilly, but as soon as they say,I do, Joe reveals his inner abusive tyrant.One fight escalates, landing Joe in the hospital.It's a messy he-said, she-said affair in court, but in the end, Diane stays with Joe."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"Single mother Laurene Rugen starts dating her neighbor Chris and enters into a decades' long cycle of terrifying abuse.She refuses to leave, thinking she can change him. When she finally gathers the courage to demand a divorce tensions explode."
"Charlene Jackson puts her military career on hold to marry Paul. When she finds out he's into threesomes with other women, she runs and deploys to Kuwait, falling in love with another soldier. When she asks Paul for a divorce, it's a fight to the finish."
"After a failed marriage and an abusive relationship with a cruel boyfriend, Liz Cahoon finally finds the perfect man in Eric. But the ghosts of her past and the demons of her addiction mix to cause an out of body trance that leads to bloody attack."
"Nicole Taylor is a spoiled princess never learned how to be independent. Spending a lifetime abusing drugs and chasing bad boys, she falls head over heels for Freddie. Her obsession with Freddie turns a lover's quarrel into a violent ending."
"Former track star Fatimah Leday joins the army, where she meets a smooth talking soldier named Carlton.The two return to the U.S. and marry. Unfortunately, Fatimah still wants to sow her wild oats, leading to a full scale war with her husband."
"Jamie Santos is a wild child who refuses to be tamed. She meets Jonathan and quickly becomes obsessed with him."
"Beautiful Latvian Yekaterina Petrov's mother dies and she loses herself in the glitzy Miami nightclub scene. When she meets Mark, a handsome club promoter, the two set off on a rocky romance fueled by sex, drugs and violence, making front page news."
Season 4 - Wives With Knives
"Transgender woman Terri Pearson is forced to fight for her life after finding romance with a man who abuses her."
"Tina Gardner meets Andre who asks her to help him start a new business venture and they take Las Vegas by storm; the pressure leads to accusations of cheating and abuse with Andre on the losing end of a knife."
"When Tamara gets pregnant she and Leo are forced to marry but the strain of raising a family rips them apart; Tamara falls for a childhood friend Marvin but the romance turns ugly when he starts abusing her and she fights back with a knife."
"Following years of abuse, Breanna Simpson finds herself a suspect in the \"accidental\" death of her husband, following a domestic dispute."
Season 5 - Wives With Knives
"To deal with the pressure of balancing school and work, Flora Williams turns to prescription pills. Soon after, she falls in love with an older man named Matt. But when he reveals his true colors, the relationship takes a volatile turn."
"After surviving a brutal gang attack at 17, Lashonda Woodard vows to never let anyone hurt her again. Over the next several years, she falls in love with three different men. But each time they instigate violence, she fights back...with a knife."
"A city girl moves to a small country town, and the only thing that keeps her busy is trouble. After years of failed relationships, Misty reconnects with her soulmate Mark. But their relationship is a roller coaster ride of drugs, sex, and violence."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"When tragedy strikes, it sends Paula down a path of pain and despair, but she gets her life back on track after years of hard work, then a demon lurking inside awakens turning Paula's new life upside down."
"A bored teenager looking for trouble finally finds it after becoming pregnant. After many struggles, Heather finds stability in a woman named Terri. When Terri isn't giving Heather the attention and loyalty she needs, things turn deadly."
"Trena Archie grew up with big dreams, but ended up with horrible nightmares. As she lives the fast life in Vegas and LA, she gets involved with countless powerful men. After being exploited one too many times, Trena gets her revenge, with a knife."
"Laura Lewis struggles through a difficult childhood and learns from her mother at a young age that \"a man will either beat on you, or cheat on you.\" When Laura grows up and gets a man that does both, she decides it's time to fight back, with a knife."
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